Picasso at the Cyprus Museum. Works in Clay

Exhibition design for ‘Picasso at the Cyprus Museum. Works in Clay'. The exhibition organised by the Department of Antiquities, as part of the Picasso Mediterranée programme and led by the National Picasso Museum in Paris, presented a small but representative part of Picasso’s ceramic creations, with original and unique works. At the same time, the exhibition included Cypriot antiquities, grouped in such a way as to highlight specific themes, shapes and motifs of antiquity, to which echoes archaeologists discern in Picasso’s works. The visitor is invited to reflect on and sense possible points of encounter and dialogue, but also common characteristics and traits, many of which could have developed randomly.

Exhibition Design by Projektbased

Poster and Exhibition graphics: Philippos Vassiliades

Curators: Andri Michael and Eftychia Zachariou-Kaila

Photo: Silvio Rusmigo

Amathus of Cyprus, a City Most Ancient

Exhibition design for the Department of Antiquities Limassol District, ‘AMATHOUS of Cyprus , a City most ancient’

Exhibition Design by Projektbased


Anthropos, Faces of Cyprus through the Ages

Exhibition Design for ‘Anthropos, Faces of Cyprus through the Ages’ at the Cyprus Museum. Selected museum artifacts, archive photography (1933-1956) by archeologist Porphyrios Dikaios and work by artist Haris Epaminonda entitled ‘Chronicles’

Exhibition Design by Projektbased

At the Museum with my Family
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At the Cyprus Museum With my Family

Interactive expolration game for kids.

Product, Illustrations and book design by Projektbased

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Faces and Places of Cyprus: Porphyrios Dikaios' Photographs at the Department of Antiquities

Publication to accompany exhibition Anthropos, Faces of Cyprus Through The Ages

Book Design and photographic restoration
by Projektbased

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The BODY, lived experiences in ancient Cyprus

Exhibition design for ‘The BODY, lived experiences in ancient Cyprus’ at the Cyprus Museum. The exhibition presented archeological objects spanning from the Neolithic to the Early Christian period concerning the human form. Parallel to this exhibition the museum galleries hosted works by artist Maria Loizidou (works from 1981-2015) entitled ‘Curating body’ Exhibition

Exhibition Design by Projektbased

Poster and Exhibition graphics by Katerina Siamma 

Curators: Efthychia Zachariou-Kaila and Efthymia Alphas

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Graphic display style guide for the Cyprus Museums

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Treis Elies  A Journey In Spring
Photography and text by Ethan Hubbard 

Book design by Projektbased